Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Ballet Opportunity and Week 2 of Ballet Camp

Because of the request of a mother, I have been thinking about the younger ones among our girls who await anxiously the age of maturity when ballet is a possibility for them.
What if we made that wait a little easier by offering a ballet prep class?
Pending interest (I need at least 4 to begin it), I will teach a 20 minute ballet prep class for girls ages 2 to 4 on Mondays after the regular ballet classes. The cost for this class will be $50 for the semester and recital.
The Ballet Prep Class will work such concepts as awareness of body in space, stretching, basic ballet positions and steps, rhythm and free form dance. We will also play dancing games and learn a short recital piece to perform at the recital on November 13th (at 3:45pm).
FYI: I usually suggest that students be at least 3 years of age for the regular ballet classes, and I have students up to age 10 taking those classes. Students are mixed ages, but I have certain requirements for each age group. For instance, I feel that a 3 year old in a regular class who can find her spot, respond to direct requests and sit and stand with the rest of the girls is doing wonderfully! With the older girls, I work with more advanced concepts of doing the steps with ballet poise, rhythm and musicality.
And now for some pics of the girls from the 2nd Ballet Camp.
Everyone did so well; thank you for your participation!

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